The Antidote

When, Where, and Why


You Have Three Full Days

The Antidote retreat runs from 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, October 22 to 10:00 a.m. Friday, October 25. You are highly encouraged to stay onsite for the entire retreat and fully immerse in the experience of investing in yourself. 



The Antidote Retreat will be held at the Marin Vista House.

Why Come to The Antidote?

The Antidote is about building the understanding, nuance, and savvy to manage the challenges that are unique to women of color. Together, we will find new ways to address the challenges you can address, and create a reality in which you can see yourself and be seen by others. 


One retreat will not change a white supremacist, patriarchal world, but it can change your agency within it. 

Everything we offer at The Antidote is designed for each of us to take off our cultural armor to help us see ourselves authentically. Yes, you will do some deep, serious, and sometimes challenging inner work. It may feel refreshing, exhausting, or both. Our intention is not to offer a “one and done” solution to patriarchy and white supremacy, but to help you see it clearly and make your choices living in it.


What’s in a Name?

We take our retreat name from Teka Okun’s article, “White Supremacy Culture.” For each facet of white supremacy culture we consciously or unconsciously accede to, Okun offers antidotes of action, education, community and coalition building, and inner work. 


None of these are instant fixes or cure-alls, and we know that our retreat is not the kind of Hollywood antidote that easily neutralizes a poison. But it is a counter, a corrective, a treatment plan. Perhaps it can also be a salve for the often old and deep wounds left by a lifetime of fighting toxic cultures.

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